Initiation into Spring

Initiation into Spring
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Initiation into Spring 

The soliloquy of spring initiates the hymns, fables, and myths of a humanity. The beckoning to be born anew is repeated each day as a reminder of the innocence of experiencing things in their primacy. Spring commences in the pregnant pause before the sky lightens. This moment is akin to a seed, the entire potentiality of materiality slumbering within it. A silent expecting and a reverent anticipation creates a forward motion for the day. The moments before dawn flaunts her ecstatic brilliance to invoke all creatures to dance upon her soils an inarticulate tranquility is palpable. Reside in this moment. Wake for this timing. Merge with its eternal whisperings. The whole creative force of existence can be found as night turns to day. Use this energy to your advantage for it is the fertile womb awaiting implantation and is encased in the just warming atmosphere of dreaming creatures. This is the source from which your heart’s longings arise. 

In spring a natural inclination arises for all animals to look without. It is the vision towards the future that enlivens spring, allowing each longing creature to make it through winter’s dark days. Spring is found in the sprout, the germinated seed shooting up through the soils to participate in the provocative productivity of the sun. It is found in the infant, the rapid growth that the first decade of life brings. Spring is polarized by autumn, its withering of form exposes the seed chambers for spring, and found in the quickening of aging, when an elder is initiated into the last phases of their life. In the seasonal wheel, spring is the initiation of all things. Personally placed, the individual can use the energies appropriately to envision the heart's desires. 

Participation of Spring

The best way to use the visionary energy of spring to support your livelihood is to focus on where you want your life to expand and grow, just as you would water and nurture the seeds you wish to cultivate. By harnessing the quickening movement of the sun’s rays because of the elliptical orbit of the Earth you can quickly manifest that which you would like by the very fact that there is more time in the day, each day, for you to focus your creative energies on. In spring one’s vision is the first step for driving towards one’s destination. 

Crystals to Potentiate Spring

Spring and summer are yang or masculine in nature because of the sun’s productive rays. There is however the feminine aspect of fertility abounding that you can harness. Two crystals that help with the heart and the womb are rose quartz and moonstone. Together they balance the energies of your fertile soils in the chance that you wish to conceive. Carnelian will also help to bring passion into your intimate life.

To play with the more fiery manifestation aspects of spring you can utilize pyrite for success, money, and abundance, or red jasper to initiate the primal fire that resides deep in our bodies. Moldavite is a powerful terrestrial energy to use that will pull in more expansive cosmic energy, allowing you to tap into the universal fire. 

Potions to Beckon Spring

Plant botanicals are powerful ways to engage in the rhythm of the seasons. Used during sunrise, the spring of the day, and in spring, they will enliven and invigorate your drive and focus. Pheremonic is an oil perfume that helps to stimulate your creative urges while simultaneously igniting your heart. Helios is a botanical face oil that harmonizes the rays of the sun, and used before the sun travels too high in the sky, it can help facilitate vitamin D conversion through the skin. It diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, the unnecessary byproduct of moving through time. 

Take Advantage

Spring only comes once a year, the quickened lengthening of the solar rays is the most appropriate time to begin projects, plant seeds, and initiate abundance. To let it pass by without action is a disobedience to the greater forces around. Align with it, let it potentate your life, be obedient to the forces of the organized universe for they hold a great power. An individual aligned with these calls will display a vibrant vitality 
in mind and body. 

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  • Ashley

    Love your crystals, but before I purchase I’m wondering what your recommendation would be for healing. I recently (1 week ago) had a Vulvectomy surgery to remove stage 2 cancer. My doctor assured me she got it all, but we are still waiting for a pathology report to show that. So in the meantime I was hoping for a badass crystal to help in my healing process. Thanks in advance

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