Crystal Healing Properties

Healing: Pratt Daddy Crystals recognizes the power of  precious stones in healing the mind and the body. This is not, however, a guarantee. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent physical or mental maladies. Use them in good health, but never as a replacement for medical treatment.





We all strive for balance, but it can feel hard to achieve. Agate serves as an important reminder that while the world may be chaotic, you can still put yourself in the driver’s seat. Employ this crystal to fortify your mind and your body, promote centering, find self-acceptance, and cleanse negative energy from your soul.

Agatized Coral

Forget that big jewel from Titanic. Agatized Coral is the real heart of the ocean. This crystal takes millions of years to form beneath the water’s surface and that means it’s got millions of years of wisdom to offer you. 

Whether you’re working to process a difficult time or healing from an emotional trauma, Agatized Coral will aid you in calming your energy, soothe irritability, and help you tap into the universal life force. Wear it when you need to feel safe, loved, and enveloped in healing energy. 


When life has you feeling like Mercury’s always in retrograde, Amazonite can help you restore the harmony you so desperately need. Whether your conflict comes from within or is the result of a misunderstanding with others, this stone can help you approach problems from a different perspective.

Keep Amazonite close when you need to think outside the box or foster healthy, loving communication in times of stress and frustration.


Diamonds may be forever, but Amber’s eternal. Each piece that you hold in your hand or wear against your skin is a golden drop of sun millions of years in the making.

Amber reminds you that there’s beauty and wisdom in slow and deliberate movement. We all arrive where we want to be — no matter how long it takes.  Trust in your path. Trust in yourself.


Whether you want to manifest contentment or tap into a higher vibration, you can’t choose a stone more spiritually powerful than Amethyst. This crystal will cleanse and brighten your body and aura, quiet the turmoil you feel, and bring about a sense of tranquility as you navigate the stormy waters of life. 

Amethyst Flower

Amethyst Flowers are essentials in any collection — and with good reason. These beautiful crystal clusters radiate peace and harmony and are perfect for times when you need to clear your mind, ease your anxiety, and tap into psychic wisdom to make decisions both big and small.

Trouble sleeping? Hold an Amethyst Flower to help clear your body of nervous energy. Soon you’ll be falling into the most delicious sleep of your life. 


A powerful combination of Amethyst and Citrine, this stone promotes balance and equilibrium — allowing you to step off the constant tightrope of existence and feel the ground solid and true under your feet. Let this crystal release your stress and anxiety and give you the strength to move forward with open eyes and a clear mind.


Is there such a thing as perfection? If so, then Ammolite is the gem that will help you reach the highest highs of self-transformation. This stone is said to have all the universe’s knowledge locked away beneath its beautiful surface. As such, it will aid you in increasing stamina, improve your energy flow, and dispel any bad vibrations as you quest to become the you that you’ve always wanted to be. No limitations. 


Do you ever wonder whether your guardian angel is watching over you or asleep on the job? That’s not something you’ll need to worry about when you add Amphibole to your collection. This crystal — also known as Angel Phantom Quartz — is a direct connection to the angelic realm and wearing it will grant you access to tranquility, joy, and stability.

This gem is also useful in supercharging your meditation and spiritual practices. Place it over your third eye to invite divine wisdom, attunement, and introspection into your mind-space. Now you’re living life in the moment, in perfect love and perfect harmony. And your angel’s always watching.


Just the name of this stone should inspire a feeling of peace all through your body. While some use this crystal to forge a connection with their angels and spirits — it’s an ideal aid for fostering clear communication on the physical plane, too.

Hold your Angelite close when you need to speak bold, compassionate truth without fear.


Don’t ask Apatite what it can do for you — ask how you can use its properties to create a beautiful world in which we all want to live in.

This stone aids in unlocking your humanitarian side, giving you the opportunity to move past your own issues and foster growth within your community, your family, and your larger environment.

Apatite works well on its own, but is a powerful catalyst for change when combined with other crystals in your collection. Don’t be afraid to call on it when you need just that extra bit of power to get through the day.


The best way to solve a problem is to accept it exists and then meditate on solutions. But often feelings get in the way. You start thinking about your worries and you’re suddenly knee-deep in anxiety. 

Sound familiar? If so, then Apophyllite is the crystal for you. This gentle (but powerful!) healer will bring light and love into your energy field, soothing your nerves and allowing you to think clearly even during the most stressful times. Hold it in your hand, close your eyes, and breathe deep. Trust in Apophyllite and you’ll be stress-free in no time. 

Apophyllite with Stilbite

If you’re feeling sinister (or simply down, low, or out of energy) just looking at this crystal will raise your spirits. So imagine how high your mood will soar if you’re holding or wearing this gem. Apophyllite with Stilbite will cleanse your energy, evaporate any negative vibes that may have been sent your way, and create peace in your life. 

Seeking a spiritual awakening? This crystal will energize you and help you tap into the spirit realm so that you can take advantage of all the wisdom your guides have to offer.


If you’ve ever felt like you were too high up in the clouds, not connected to the world around you or focused on the practicalities of living, then Aragonite is a must for you. This grounding healer will aid you in stabilizing your energy so that you’re fully present in the moment and motivated to take on any task that requires your attention. Aragonite will help you tap into calm energy and supercharge your patience. Nothing bothers you anymore.


“Why am I here?” is a question most of us have asked too often. If you’ve ever asked yourself “what is my purpose?” or “where do I belong?” Astrophyllite may have your answer. This illuminating crystal will fill your entire being with light, both clearing your energy and providing answers to some of life’s hardest questions. Hold it as you meditate and you may quickly find yourself full of answers about what’s next for you. What will make you happy and healthy? Let Astrophyllite show you.

This crystal is also known to elevate trust, honesty, and fidelity in relationships. Once you know who you are, it’s much easier to relate, believe in, and love others in your life. 


Looking for courage? Look for Aquamarine. Dressed up or down, this beautiful crystal never looks out of place. Walk from the boardroom to the red carpet feeling tranquil, intuitive, and never waver from speaking the truth. Accept life as it comes —curveballs and all.


Feelin’ lucky? You will be when you drop Aventurine into your collection. This shimmering crystal is said to invite good luck and prosperity into your orbit. Couple that with the stone’s potential to kickstart your leadership skills and you’re ready to live a life that’s much more than “best.”


Look deep into the perfect blue of this crystal and you’ll be transfixed by the same psychic force that enthralled the inhabitants of Atlantis and the ancient Egyptians with its ability to clear away the cobwebs of confusion and transport them to a higher spiritual plane — one where psychic wisdom is freely received. 

This powerful stone will cleanse and heal your energy. Most importantly, however, it will provide you with the insight you need to answer life’s biggest questions. Are you ready to hear its message? 


One of the rarest minerals in this collection, Baculites is actually a fossilized cephalopod, one of a group that’s been extinct since the cretaceous period. A unique piece of history, Baculites is also a potent energy worker. This mineral assists those seeking to end destructive patterns, those who want to be more in tune with the world around them, individuals who need more honesty and clarity in their lives (especially honesty with the self), and those who are open to looking at life from a new, healthier perspective that’s focused on light rather than dark.

Banded Agate

Need more rainbows in your life? Most of us do. That’s why Banded Agate (often referred to as “earth’s rainbow”) is in such high demand. This powerful healing stone will free you from negative energy that’s dragging you down, increase your concentration and memory, and help you be more honest with yourself and with those that you love. 

Banded Agate is also powerful armor against psychic attack. Keep it close when you suspect that someone’s intentions aren’t good or when you’re simply feeling burned out. Don’t let anyone dull your shine. 

Barite with Cerussite

Change is difficult, but the combination of Barite and Cerussite can make even the biggest life transitions easier and more comfortable. Whether you’re moving, switching jobs, or going through an internal transformation, this powerhouse combo will give you the strength you need to carry on with your head held high. No matter where you are in life, these crystals will assist you in feeling grounded, balanced, and completely at home.


Reach for Beryl on days when you feel like you’re loaded down with excess baggage, because this crystal is the ultimate stress reliever. Beryl opens and activates the crown and solar plexus chakras to release any unresolved emotions and invite love and light into your life. Wear it to enhance your confidence, heighten your creativity, and overcome distractions that are keeping you from living your best life.

Black Tourmaline

You may not call them enemies, but some people just suck the energy out of you. Tip 1: Don’t engage; Tip 2: Carry Black Tourmaline. It will spread its protection around you, creating an energy barrier that keeps negative vibes far from your heart and relieves stress and anxiety. Stay cool, calm, and collected. Let the stone do the rest.


You can’t live life if you’re scared of it. Let Bloodstone help you step out of the shadows and claim the person you know you are. This gem will aid you in finding balance, cultivating a sense of fearlessness, and finding the confidence you need to feel comfortable with yourself and your body.

Wear this stone when you need to live in the moment and calm your mind. Anxiety? Confusion? Anger? Those words aren’t in your vocabulary when you’ve got Bloodstone on your side.

Blue Calcite

Releasing anxiety is no easy task when you’re doing it on your own. Blue Calcite can make the journey a little less arduous, your heavy load a little lighter. Let it help you look deep within to gain insight into your choices and connect to your spiritual side.

This stone is also essential for those looking to be inspired. Are you an artist? A creator? Blue Calcite will assist you in taking your work to the next level.

Bumble Bee Jasper

Bumble Bee Jasper must be excavated from deep within a volcano, making it one of the rarest minerals in the PrattDaddy collection. And if you’re an adventurous spirit ready for a new lease on life, there’s no better stone to add to yours.

Reach for this gem when you need a boost of confidence, strength, or energy — especially if they’re required for the work of personal transformation. Moving down a new or difficult road in your life? This stone will always help you navigate your path with high self-esteem and spiritual clarity, ensuring that you’re always living the life that you want.

Cactus Quartz

Though its many points are visually stunning, this crystal’s healing properties are its true treasure. Each one of this mineral’s spines emits powerful positive energy which promotes good health, spiritual well-being, and emotional stability. And though each point may appear as an individual, they’re all connected, making Cactus Quartz an ideal crystal to wear when you want to invite peace, unity, and enthusiastic collaboration into your life.


Calcite will cleanse your chakras, but it does so much more. This cleansing crystal will clear all your spaces of energy that you don’t need in your life. Wax on good vibes; wax off the drama.


You are radiant, vital, and bright. Carnelian takes these qualities to the next level, inviting you to live in the moment and enjoy the good times.

The future is bright. This crystal will propel you forward, gently helping you confront and heal from past struggles as you embrace life and passion wherever you find them.

Cat’s Eye Tourmaline

This crystal is a rare variation of Tourmaline and works as a powerful energy healer — sending positive energy throughout the entire body and turning thoughts toward the positive. Keep it close during times of stress or whenever you feel you need a boost of strength and courage. 


Going through a difficult time? Cavansite has an important message: We are all connected; all part of the same universe. Holding this crystal will help you take comfort in the fact that you’re never alone and allow you to more readily accept the lesson life may be teaching you — without shame, judgment, or loathing. You are love and light. 


It’s hard to make your dreams happen when you feel disconnected. Chalcedony makes it easier to achieve inner peace while connecting to the people around you.

Often referred to as the “brotherhood” stone, Chalcedony promotes generosity, joy, and positive self-reflection while endowing its wearer with openness and enthusiasm for new experiences and the passions of others.


Waiting for a sign that you’re taking the right steps toward happiness and fulfillment? Look no further than the rainbows you’ll find adorning Chalcopyrite’s surface. This healing mineral will lift your spirits, unblock your energy, and put you into the right frame of mind to take on any challenge. 

Low self-esteem? Uncertainty? Stress? Chalcopyrite will help you speed past these stumbling blocks by giving you the insight you need to move forward with confidence and ease. 


Do you ever feel lonely and disconnected from others? Or like everyone else is just too far away? This emotion is common, but you don’t want reassurances — you want relief. Enter Charoite, a powerful healing stone that will aid you in feeling more connected to the world around you and assist you in taking steps to become more involved with the people around you. This stone will ease you anxiety, release worry, and help you relax as you learn to embrace change.

Chrome Diopside

In ancient times, chrome diopside was placed on the forehead to encourage good dreams. But you don’t have to be asleep to experience Chrome Diospide’s powerful benefits — you just have to be ready and willing to create. This stone will boost your intellect, up your creativity, and allow you to face complex challenges with an open mind rather than stubbornness or negativity. The world’s your canvas. It’s time to get to work. 

Chrome Tremolite

If you have trouble sitting with your own thoughts after a long and difficult day, then Chrome Tremolite is the stone you’ll want to come home to. Hold this mineral close as you meditate or sleep to connect to your higher consciousness and unlock the secrets of your own inner world. Chrome Tremolite will help you feel at peace and in harmony with the world as it floods you with light and positive energy. Everything’s going to be okay. 


To solve problems, a gentle mindset is often required. Are you compassionate to yourself? Kind towards others?

Let Chrysocolla remind you to always act with integrity as it calms your mind, encourages self-awareness, and cleanses the chakras. Fear, tension, and anguish? Leave them all in the past. Stress and anxiety? Not when you’re wearing this crystal.


Rainy days and Mondays always bringing you down? Chrysoprase is here to brighten your outlook in even the darkest of hours. This crystal will help you hold on to hope, let go of judgment, and find yourself navigating new situations with ease — not anxiety.


The Energizer Bunny’s got nothing on Citrine — a powerhouse crystal that will keep you going, and going, and going, until you’ve got all that you want in the palm of your hand.

Known for its ability to manifest abundance, this stone will help you attract dollar bills while dissolving any dark energy that may come your way.

Cobalto Calcite

Loving yourself unconditionally is one of life’s biggest challenges. It doesn’t have to be. If you have trouble believing that you’re a being who deserves love, kindness, and compassion just by virtue of existing, then Cobalto Calcite will soon be your best friend. This crystal will aid you in reducing stress, help calm intense feelings, and nurture your mind and body, allowing you to feel the same love for yourself that you show for the important people in your life. 


It’s hard to look on the bright side and assume positive intent at all times, but now you don’t have to do it alone. When you hold or wear Covellite, the stone will infuse your mind and body with a positive energy that will aid you in turning your wildest dreams into a reality you didn’t know was possible. Negativity? Sorry, you don’t have the energy. 


How would your life be different if you felt calm, relaxed, and taken care of? There’s no need to wait: Danburite can help you turn those dreams into reality. This powerful healing crystal will assist you in connecting to both your crown and heart chakras — allowing you to soothe your nerves and see the life you deserve more clearly. 

Seeing is only the beginning. The longer you hold or wear Danburite, the easier it will be to recognize the steps you need to take to achieve your goals — no matter what they may be. With Danburite on your side, you’re unstoppable. 

Demantoid Garnet

You’re meant to thrive, but some days you’re just doing your best to survive. That’s when Garnet comes to the rescue — to clean, to revitalize, to bring out hope and courage (even when you didn’t know they were there). You can always call on Garnet in a crisis, but let it serve you during the good times, too. Let it lead you to live in the moment. 

The Demantoid Garnet is the rarest of all crystals in the Garnet family — and for good reason: The benefits the Demantoid Garnet provides — easing fear and loneliness; boosting courage; strengthening relationships — are so sought after that most people won’t ever let this precious gem go. 


Open your heart to Diopside and discover a part of you that’s humble, connected, and intuitive to the needs of yourself and the people you love. This crystal will also help you tap into your intellect — allowing you to take on passion projects and academic pursuits with zeal, motivation, and creativity. If stress and anxiety are holding you back, Diopside will aid in releasing what blocks you.


You know what it’s like to feel stuck. What it feels like to feel angry. What it feels like to not let past hurts go. You also know that by not letting go, you’re only hurting yourself and poisoning your own beautiful energy. But how do you move on from a pain you thought you’d never get over? Dioptase to the rescue.

This rare green stone will help you in two major ways: First, it will aid you in finding love and compassion for yourself during difficult times. Then, this powerful healing mineral will help you in feeling that same love and compassion for those that have wronged you, allowing you to release the heavy burden of negative emotions, learn the lessons these emotions have been attempting to teach you, and then move one in perfect peace. You’ve never felt like this (or this light) before. 

Druzy Quartz

If your emotions feel out of control, Druzy Quartz can aid you in soothing your mind and your nerves. But that’s only the beginning. This stone doesn’t just assist healing — it connects you to your own innate ability to revive and strengthen your resolve. Now you can move towards growth on your own terms. With confidence in your step and a smile on your face.


Relationships aren’t meant to be rocky, but the people we love may not always see things eye-to-eye. Dumortierite will enhance your capacity for understanding, allowing you to access patience, courage, and clarity when your life feels like it’s descending into chaos. Let this stone help you de-stress and show you the worth you — and all people — possess.

Elestial Quartz

Are you ready to receive the Universe’s message? Elestial Quartz promises to link your current consciousness to that of the divine, opening your star and crown chakras and endowing you with metaphysical gifts and spiritual healing. This crystal work to dissolves confusion, free you from blocked energy, and release all your fears.

What Elestial Quartz can do for you will also depend on its color. A Smoky Elestial Quartz will breathe purity and good vibes into your life; White Elestial Quartz creates sacred spaces; Amethyst Elestial Quartz inspires healing; and Rose Elestial Quartz promotes unconditional love.


Emerald is precious. So is the life you lead and the people with whom you share your heart. This crystal ensures that you focus on what’s most important to you: Fostering bliss and loyalty while working to relieve stress and keep your relationships in sync and in balance.


What’s your best quality? Do you wish that you could amplify and enhance it? Then Epidote is the stone for you. Whether you exude confidence and charisma or bring a quiet wisdom to the table, Epidote will work to help you feel even more comfortable in your own skin, strengthen your sense of identity, and be honest with who you are and want to be. When you wear or hold this crystal, it attunes to your energy to help you take joy in the beauty that’s all around. Armed with a fresh new perspective, you’re ready to let go of thoughts and attitudes that no longer serve you and move towards a life that’s anything but mediocre. 

Feldspar with Tourmaline

Seeking self-love? Tourmaline is a powerful crystal for cultivating self-care and self-compassion on its own; combined with Feldspar, it becomes a super-charged catalyst for radical self-love that can’t be touched by even the most powerful negative energies. Trust in yourself. Be kind. All the good things you deserve will soon follow. 

Fire Agate

This stone may look hot to the touch, but its fiery properties are for your protection. Keep this stone close when you want to protect your spirit from negativity, harm, or disruptive cravings that threaten good judgment. Keep it even closer if you want to fill your energy field with vitality and passion. (And, yes, that includes the bedroom.)

Fibrous Malachite

If you’re feeling great and wish you could keep the good vibes going forever (maybe longer?), bring Malachite into your life as soon as possible. This powerful stone amplifies positive energy and grounds you firmly into the present, letting you focus on what’s important in life — like spiritual growth and insight into your thoughts, emotions, and actions. 


Reach for the Fluorite when you want to keep cool during tough times. This stone discourages #disorder and #disruption and encourages calm, rational thinking when it’s time to make life’s big decisions. The truth may not be black and white, but Fluorite will help you see all of its shades.


Vacation’s all you ever wanted, but maybe you just can’t get away? Fuchsite can help. This stone’s guiding properties promote positivity, creativity, and deep relaxation — whether you’re lying on the beach or taking a 10-minute getaway between meetings. Incorporate Fuchsite’s energy into your meditation routine to bring more light into your life.


You’re meant to thrive, but some days you’re just doing your best to survive. That’s when Garnet comes to the rescue — to clean, to revitalize, to bring out hope and courage (even when you didn’t know they were there). You can always call on Garnet in a crisis, but let it serve you during the good times, too. Let it lead you to live in the moment.

Green Tourmaline

Growing up is hard to do, but if you’re ready to take some much-needed steps to bring your emotional health to another level, Green Tourmaline is what you need in your life.

This precious stone will open your heart, calm stress, and help you combat anxiety through self-compassion. It’ll also help you see the world through others’ eyes — allowing you to find understanding and seek solutions to conflicts. (And like other green stones, it’ll draw you towards wealth. What a bonus!)


We all have bad habits we want to break, and Hematite’s purpose is to help you move from negative patterns to behavior you’re proud of. This stone inspires confidence, strength, and the self-love you need to help reach your goals while keeping energies that don’t serve you from even entering your orbit.



Are you too wrapped up in your ego? Do you care too much about how you look or what others are saying about you? Do you find yourself asking “who am I?” into the mirror? If you’ve nodded yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to bring Hemimorphite into your life. This crystal will cleanse your energy as it aids you in letting go of the pressures of the world, allowing you to take a closer look at yourself and foster a new self-image — one that’s brimming with self-confidence, self-compassion, and self-respect.


Does your mind struggle with switching off even after the longest of days? Use Howlite to create a sense of deep inner peace which will open your mind and calm your spirit. Your troubles are real. Howlite will give you the strength to resolve them.


Jade is known for its beauty, but beneath its perfect exterior, it conceals powerful energy that will bring protection, prosperity, and good fortune into your life.

Hold or wear this precious stone when you need to feel safe. Or keep it close by when you sleep — Jade is known for bringing forth insight and deep inner knowledge through dreams.


Safety, comfort, and nourishment - these needs don’t end in our childhood. And after a hard day (or a week), we crave feelings of warmth and support. That’s where Jasper comes in. Use this stone when you need to feel cocooned in positive energy. Hold it close when you need courage. Let it open your mind so that you can use your strength to turn your dreams into action.


This stone is the embodiment of the “love and light” that you seek. Kunzite eliminates negativity, fills your mind with positive thoughts, and blankets you in peace and tranquility. It’s especially useful in times of trouble and turmoil — so reach for it when you’re looking to heal from trauma and heartbreak or when you need to relieve the stress and anxiety of everyday life.


Kyanite may not make you psychic but it will help you connect to higher frequencies and stimulate the latent psychic potential you’ve always known you possess. Open yourself to the truth, then speak it into existence. This crystal will help show you the way.


Holding this stone is like touching a star —  you’re bathed in light, protection, and clear intuition, truly confident in the life that you’re building. This stone will aid in quieting your insecurities, giving you the power to make decisions without the fear of what others will think. Let your transformation begin.


Emotionally exhausted? Burned out? Feeling drained? Lapis will connect you to the spiritual plane to restore your energy and surround you in protection. This stone is particularly useful for meditation, as it will help you get to a space where you can accept all of life’s lessons and express any feelings that might be holding you back.


Setting boundaries is essential in your relationships with others, but the boundaries we place on ourselves can often keep us from living the lives that we want. Larimar opens new spiritual pathways and helps dissolve any blockages that keep us stuck in the past. This stone helps you take control of your life, heal past wounds, and connect with the divine. Love yourself first. All good things will follow.


Feeling anxious is normal, but it’s never comfortable. Lepidolite can ease the burdens that weigh on your mind and relax the tension you feel in your body. Hold the stone in your hand or wear it close to your heart to let go of obsessive thoughts and release stress, anxiety, and behavioral patterns that no longer serve you.

Transition is hard. Lepidolite gives you the power to do it on your own terms.

Lemurian Quartz

This type of Quartz is exceedingly rare, as are its properties. Though other crystals have wisdom to offer, the Lemurian Quartz is one of the few that’ll assist you in recognizing that you’re a being that exists in many dimensions.

Keeping this crystal  in your collection will help you connect to the collective knowledge of the universe — letting you bring the wisdom of the ancients into this moment to guide you, protect you, and cleanse your karmic energy.


If you’re feeling great and wish you could keep the good vibes going forever (maybe longer?), bring Malachite into your life as soon as you can. This powerful stone amplifies positive energy and grounds you firmly into the present, letting you focus on what’s important in life — like spiritual growth and insight into your thoughts, emotions, and actions.


This rare green stone is found only in Europe and experts agree that this gem — said to come from the stars — will soon go extinct. That’s why you need to grab onto it now if you want to take your spiritual practice to the next level or supercharge moments of meditation. Moldavite opens your senses and brings you into higher connection with yourself. And that makes for a bright, honest future.


All the things in your life — like the moon — wax and wane. Don’t fight change, embrace it. Moonstone will calm your emotions, help balance your energy, and lead you to reflection and contemplation, especially when you’re on the first steps of a new journey.


Let more love into your life. Morganite activates your heart chakra, inviting the relationships in your life to grow deeper and stronger. Bring compassion and peace into your life and let this stone help you release stress and anxiety as you find joy.


Dark spirits beware! You’re no match for Nuummite, AKA “The Sorcerer’s Stone.” This powerful crystal eats negative energy for breakfast (and all other meals) and will protect the wearer from negative energy, whether it comes from outside or within.

But defense against evil is only one of this stone’s magical properties. It also aids wearers who seek introspection and attunement, clears negative energy, and dissolves any blockages that stand in the way of success.


If you need a jolt of energy to invigorate your life, look no further than Obsidian, which brings problems to light and help bring awareness to your personal truths. Are you in the way of your own progress? Obsidian imbues you with strength and power, cleansing your chakras and bringing clarity to all of life’s questions.


Going through a difficult time? Onyx will strengthen your resolve and replenish your energy, putting you right back in control of your focus and will. Use it in times of strife or carry it to remain  cool and composed when you’re dealing with conflict.


Opal absorbs energy and reflects it back, illuminating your true self in all of its shades. Use it when you need to see people and situations clearly. Especially when it comes to your own strengths and weaknesses. Meditating with this stone can help you understand and unlock your potential.

Often associated with love and romance, Opal can aid in releasing inhibitions and following your true passions — wherever they may lie.

Ocean Jasper

The circles that cover this stone are a constant reminder that life is a circle — one in which obstacles come and go with the tides. New adventures are right around the corner. Wearing this stone is a promise that you’ll go where your heart leads you, taking leaps of faith and integrating the lessons you learn along the way.

Petrified Wood

This fossilized wood is one of the few non-stones you’ll find in this collection. It belongs in yours, too — especially if you’re looking for a talisman that will help you accept what you cannot change, channel your energy into that which you can, and know the difference between the two.

Petrified wood promotes calm and wisdom. Wearing or holding it will help you release your worries — especially about things you know don’t matter—and support you during times of trouble and crisis. It’s like holding a beautiful, peaceful forest in the palm of your hand.

Phantom Quartz

This stone hides a secret: Phantom crystals deep in its centers. These beautiful formations tell the story of the crystal itself — its long and imperfect journey to growth. Phantom Quartz has experienced numerous lifetimes and it’s come out stronger, more brilliant each time.

You, too, will live many lifetimes. And though the changes you face may feel like they’re endpoints, they are merely the markers of growth and progress. Let Phantom Quartz bring you comfort and patience. You’ll need them for the new paths you’ll take every day.

Pink Tourmaline

Do you hang on to guilt, worry, or shame? Do you struggle with calming anxiety? If so, Pink Tourmaline is the emotional cleanser you’ve been seeking. Let this stone’s soothing properties relieve stress and anxiety as you open yourself to self-love and compassion. Learn from your past and then release yourself from its shackles.

Fall in love with yourself first. All good things will follow.


You’ve decluttered your life — Thanks, Marie Kondo— so why not your mind? Prehnite calms racing thoughts and aids you in focusing on what you need, not what could have been. Hold this stone to inspire the alertness you need to navigate the world around you. Let go of the baggage that’s been weighing you down.


The fog of anxiety can often make it hard to see all the gifts you possess. Confidence? Drive? The will to succeed? Pyrite will aid you in seeing that all things are possible. Reach for this stone when you need to expel negativity and manifest strength. You’ve always been capable, this stone will give you the courage and wisdom to let yourself shine.


Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to healing. That’s why this crystal is often referred to as the “king of healing.”  

Though other crystals pinpoint specific areas of health, Crystal Quartz is a versatile energy worker that will provide benefits no matter what. Wear it when you feel like your energy is blocked or trending towards the negative. You’ll soon be feeling relaxed, stress-free, and completely rejuvenated.


Stop and think for a moment: How does your heart feel? Heavy or empty? Alive with a passion for life? No matter what your heart feels right now, Rhodochrosite will help bring it back to a place of balance and harmony. Hold it when you need to feel compassion for yourself and for the people in your life or when you need to relieve stress and anxiety.

While this crystal can’t guarantee to bring love into your life, it can work to attract your soulmate. There’s a slight catch: That soulmate may not be your greatest romance. But it’ll be someone who will teach you life lessons and help you discover your true potential. You in?


Give yourself the gift of inspiration. Rhodolite will fire up your creative juices, heighten your sense of self-worth, and aid you in putting what you want out into the world without fear. If pain from the past is holding you back, this crystal can aid in easing the symptoms to inspire love, kindness, and compassion for yourself and for others.

Rose Quartz

For those just starting their journey in the world of crystals, Rose Quartz is an essential. This gorgeous stone promotes love, peace, and healing as it opens your heart chakra to let more of the good stuff in. Just looking at it can be enough to calm nerves and release stress and anxiety during a hard day.

Whether you’re single or currently in a relationship, Rose Quartz can help you create the conditions for the romance of your dreams. It inspires harmony, bliss, and trust in yourself and those whom you love (and love you).


This precious stone is known for its beauty, but the spiritual properties it possesses are ten times more vast.

Ruby represents zeal, energy, passion, and the desire to invite these qualities into your life. If you’re seeking seeking signs that you should follow your dreams, this gem will aid in pointing them out and propelling you towards your passions while keeping you focused on the pursuit.

Ruby Fuchsite

Healing begins from within, but the journey can be hard and perilous. Ruby Fuchsite can help. This precious stone opens the chakras and the heart, replacing negative energy with positivity, love, and a dedication to self-care. This stone offers you self-awareness, motivation to heal, and an all-around sense of calm and well-being.

For those looking to enhance their spiritual or psychic practice, this stone is a valuable tool for communicating with the spiritual world and enhancing psychic awareness. Ruby Fuchsite is also an incredible tool for releasing stress and anxiety.

Ruby Zoisite

We all want to make our mark on the world, leave it a little better than we found it. Ruby Zoisite will help be the glow-up you want to see in the planet around you. This stone boosts motivation, combats exhaustion, relieves stress and anxiety, and opens your mind to the possibilities that will make up your best life.

Wear this stone to embrace your true self and refuse the weight of societal expectations — and in so doing, inspire others to do the same. Ruby Zoisite is also associated with the heart chakra, so put it on when you need some clarity about your love life.

Rutilated Quartz

It’s easy to say “spread your wings,” it’s much harder to do when you’re being held down by the baggage and pain of the past. That’s where Rutilated Quartz comes in. This crystal promises to illuminate your soul, promote spiritual growth, and break down those barriers that keep you from being your ideal self.

Whether you can truly let go of the past is a question only you can answer — this crystal will help you decide and then learn how to fly.


This precious gem is a must if you’re seeking strength, wisdom, and peace of mind. Sapphire is there for you when you need to feel a deeper connection with yourself and with the universe. Wear it when you need help manifesting your dreams into reality.

For those engaging in spiritual or meditative practice, Sapphire will enhance your connection to the divine and aid you in finding order, clarity, and deeper truths.


You are unique. And that means that your path to healing is just as unique as you are, There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to crystals — but serpentine comes pretty close. This stone enhances meditation, clears the chakras, and opens energy pathways to release blockages in the mind and body.

Here’s the special part: You won’t know how Serpentine will help heal old wounds until you’ve got it in your hand. Its powers affect each person differently. All roads, however, lead to a brighter tomorrow.


Since ancient times, Shungite has been used to relieve stress and anxiety and ease insomnia. The modern world has changed how we deal with these problems in living, but this crystal remains a powerful tool for the relief and healing of emotional difficulties. When you wear Shungite, you’re connected to the earth and ready to receive all the protection and grounding it offers.

This stone is also known for its capacity to help the wearer speak their truth. Looking for the right words? This crystal can help you find them.



Looking for emotional healing? Smithsonite will not only teach you the difference between ego based love (love with strings attached) and divine love (unconditional love), but it will also assist you in being more expressive of kindness and compassion. This stone is soothing for the emotional body and even relieves stress, easing tension and dispelling anxiety. With Smithsonite you will never be alone. ​


Smoky Elestial Quartz

Are you ready to receive the Universe’s message? Elestial Quartz promises to link your current consciousness to that of the divine, opening your star and crown chakras and endowing you with metaphysical gifts and spiritual healing. This crystal work to dissolves confusion, free you from blocked energy, and release all your fears.

Smoky Elestial Quartz is particularly helpful in purifying energy and transforming emotions, allowing those feelings buried deep inside to come to full consciousness, be learned from and accepted, and then be released into perfect love and perfect light.

Smoky Quartz

Fear of failure is part of the human condition. But what you do with that fear is up to you. Do you let it control you or do you face it boldly and embrace the next step of your journey with endless good vibes?

Smoky Quartz can help you move forward by grounding and anchoring your energy into the present. It works to dissolve stress and anxiety and promotes higher tolerance of difficult situations and even your own difficult qualities — something we could all be better at. This crystal encourages you to clear your mind and always move towards what you want. One step at a time.


Those people who’ve told you that logic and intuition don’t mix? They’ve never met Sodalite. This stone is perfect for when you’re working to gain insight and achieve improved mental performance, without giving up on your instincts.

Always trust yourself first. Let Sodalite be a close second.


Light and inspiration. What else would you expect from a crystal that shines like the sun? When you bring this stone into your life, you’re making a commitment to a meaningful life and a journey of healing.

This stone inspires personal power, freedom, and a connection to higher states of being. By wearing this stone you invite luck and good fortune into your life. Going through a difficult period? Keep this stone close, release your inhibitions, feel the sun on your skin.

Super Seven

This stone, also known as Sacred Seven or The Melody Stone, sings at a higher vibration than most other crystals. That’s because it’s a powerful combo of seven crystals all working together to bring you to a higher plane of existence.

Super Seven combines the properties of  Amethyst,, Cacoxenite, Clear Quartz, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, and Smokey Quartz to create a “spiritual powerhouse”  that will bring you clarity and attunement even when you’re just in its presence.

When you wear this stone, however, you’ll be granted connection to divine inspiration and the purification of your mind and body. This stone is especially useful for those who are interested in enhancing meditation or psychic practices.

Tiger’s Eye

Though a real live tiger can’t follow you at all times, this crystal is the next best thing when it comes to protection.

The Tiger’s Eye in your pocket or around your neck? It’s always watching. And it’s always working to activate your personal power and help you use it responsibly — giving you insight into when you should #ROAR or use your strength to balance and seek harmony during difficult times.


Do you struggle to see the good in yourself? No shame. We all do. But you are amazing. And Topaz is here to remind you of that.

This precious jewel will allow you to see yourself more clearly and recognize your inner worth (#priceless). It will also aid you in finding your confidence and creating joy as you work to discover your true self go for your dreams.


Forgiveness is a gift you give others every day — isn’t it time you extended that same grace to yourself? If you struggle with being compassionate to the person who matters most in your life (hint: It’s you!), then Turquoise is the stone that you’re seeking.

This stone is a gentle and efficient healer, allowing you to seek wellness and honesty on both your best and worst days. Utilize its powers to dispel negative energy, let go of regrets, strengthen communication, and move towards spiritual wisdom. Invite Turquoise to help you feel whole (again or for the first time).

Watermelon Tourmaline

This stone is only for those serious about unlocking the powers of the heart. As a “super activator” of the fourth chakra, Watermelon Tourmaline will aid you in tapping into your heart energy, helping you work towards the positivity, peace, patience, love, and happiness you deserve in your life. Stress and anxiety? When you’re wearing Water Tourmaline, they’re far in the past.