Rituals to Align with Cosmic Energies

Rituals to Align with Cosmic Energies

Written by Kat Villain (www.katvillain.com)


Routine or Ritual?


Daily rhythm is a part of being a creature and plays a large role in being a human being in the modern day world. By virtue of the rhythmic movements around us we can easily succumb to habitual routines. This is important for it gives us a sense of security and safety but it can also become detrimental for it oftentimes leads to feelings of stagnancy and a sense of monotony. This can easily happen if routine is unconsciously occurring in the day and isn’t elevated into ritual, an intentional form of presence that entangles the senses fully into the moment to savor the movements of the day.


A ritual is that which organizes each individual into a relationship with personal or cosmic cycles. It is an act of honoring, worshipping, or revering a moment in time through the movements of time. Ancient cultures used ritual to honor the sun, the moon, and the positioning of its peoples in time and space. Similarly ritual has been (and can be) used individually, allowing a creative freedom in choosing that which to pause for. These days ritual is essential to combat the effects of modern day living. Rather than organized religion, rituals are that which is cultivated to form a personal religion, pausing through specific moments within the day to honor that which gives sustenance, life, and joy to the person participating.


Honoring the Alter


Ritual places you at the steps of your personal alter, that sacred piece of you that honors your very own existence. These pauses work as a constant reminder for you to revere that which allows you to exist: the moon, the sun, the earth and its atmosphere, simply all of it. It is the most profound way to recalibrate your perspective, so you see the world in such a way that will elevate your state of being. In ritual, no one is asking you to do it, rather it is up to you as the individual to use it to find the magic within each moment so feelings of joy become a continuous outpouring through cultivated effort. The byproduct is that those around you will be uplifted by your efforts, and you, in turn, remain open to receive the grace that is bestowed upon the willing.


Botanical Rituals to Honor Your Self


Similarly to how crystals are used for protection, self-love, or various other qualities, you can take advantage of botanical plant potions to elevate your beauty routine. This empowers you to savor self-care by engaging the senses fully through adoring yourself with nature’s organic plant magic.


A way to recalibrate your day is to utilize one, or all, of the following:

  1. Helios is designed to be used at sunrise, under the just rising rays of our solar systems food source. It’s used to pause and notice where the sun rises in the sky, and place sun-harmonizing botanicals upon the face (or any exposed skin) to better integrate this sustenance into your body.
  2. Exude is an armpit harmonizer, used to honor and acknowledge your own personal scent, that footprint which is unique only to you, that in the background is working with a chemical intelligence to draw in the individuals that fit what you exude.
  3. Sacred Immortal Mask and Scrub can be used to either savor a pause in your week, such as your day of rest, or to honor a phase of the moon where you feel in need of indulgent self-care.
  4. Eternal empress allows you a reset before you entangle yourself into bed. The botanicals allow the mind to unwind, they repair the ravishes of time, and transition you into the realm of quantum dreams through the scent-scape of the ancient culture’s floral gardens. Since scent is the only sense that doesn’t sleep, and since dreams defy all notions of linear time, your nose will keep pulling in the aromatic information from this butter all moon night long to connect you in with the eternal all.
  5. Finally, the perfumes are best used when out and about or when you need to breathe deeper. They combat worrying thoughts, mental fog, and any emotional or mental imbalances that arises from external circumstances. The stronger dilution of plant botanicals also mean they have specific protective properties, but are generally all antiseptic. Perfumes signal scent through specific blends of fragrances which drastically alters the mind by igniting amorous emotions. Perfume is a very old form of medicine.


Your Scent Sphere


Scent creates memories, storing long-term feeling states within the mind each time the same aroma is inhaled. Thus the first ritual performed upon smelling a specific aroma will carry through to your mind state each time you smell it from that first whiff. That is why it is best to position yourself in the most joyful outlook when taking in a new scent, for aromamagic is one of the most subversive. Aromatherapy is truly mental and emotional therapy and not just for you but for those around you for you are emanating your very own scent-scape. If you want others to linger, smell good, if you want to hold a gaze, glow from the inside out.


Ritualistic Results


It is consistency and commitment that gifts radiant and radical results. Recalibrating the day to honor the plants that heal and those that give us the air we breathe honors the things we ought not take for granted. Each potion is an alter in and of itself, sanctifying a moment in time to recall for eternity. The end product: a more beautiful and ever evolving you. Each potion enhances health and wellbeing through preventative measures, but it is up to you to reconfigure your routine so you get the results you want. Potions are only magical if you use them, the plants will only assist you if you bring them onto your body.



  • Cassie

    I’ve been looking for something like this all over the internet. Very valuable info and I can’t wait to put it to use!

  • Christina

    I wasn’t expecting to read anything I could really connect with here but I appreciate how both rituals and aromatherapy was addressed. I really try to find ways to stop and be grateful for all I have and reading this helped me to better understand why it is important but in relatable terms. “The first ritual performed upon smelling a specific aroma will carry through to your mind state each time you smell it from that first whiff.” This is especially especially true when I consciously stop and reflect upon ways to find harmony in my life.
    Thank you.

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